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Photo Logo | Do’s and don’ts to Make it professional

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Here in this article we are presenting the do’s and don’ts that you should know before making your photo logo. A unique photo logo will give your photography brand a professional look. You can use it as watermark onto your photos, videos and on social media as well. So you need to make sure you make your logo in the right way, because that’s the first thing your potential client sees about your brand before even speaking to you. It’s better to see how and where you use your logo first before jumping on the do’s and don’ts. So you can better imagine about what we are talking about.

How you use your photo logo.

Photo Logo As Watermark

There various techniques to use your logo as watermark.

  • Small Size bottom Of Photo
  • Bigger, Center with lower opacity
  • Spread multiple and add it like a mesh with lower opacity

Different Places of Photo Logo Use

Do’s of making a photo logo:

Make it Legible and easy to read:

The purpose of your photo logo is whenever people see your content on social media they immediately know that it’s you. Whether your content is your photos, videos, posts, blog articles, invoices business card or any other content item, your photo should be readable so that people can easily memorize it and remember it. This will leads your content viewers towards your potential customer in future. Attaching 2 examples of both legible and illegible photo.

good  photo logo
Legible Photo Logo
signature photo logo
Illegible Photo Logo

Make it Hand Crafted And Creative:

Your Photo Logo should be creative and hand crafted, like you should not use any premade vectors or generic icons as your logo. I saw many photographers who are just starting their photography brand, they start using some generic photo icons, but the problem with these generic graphic logos is that you can not build a brand. The logo that they are using is the same logo that hundreds of photographers are using all around the world. You can hire some creative logo designer who will help you design a creative and clever logo. I am attaching an example of both hand crafted logo as well as boring logo.

photography logo design
Hand Crafted Logo
boring photography logo
Boring Logo

See More work Here.

Perfect Photo Logo Should Reflect Brand:

Your Photo Logo should reflects your photography brand. Whether you are doing new born photography, wedding photography, landscape or wildlife photography or any other niche photography. Your logo should some how reflect that niche. I am attaching some examples of creative photo logos that reflects the brand it self so you get an idea of what we are talking about. You can find more examples here:

macro photography logo
Macro Photography Logo
Newborn Photography Logo
Newborn Photography Logo

Don’ts of making a photo logo:

Don’t make it too detailed/complex:

You are living in a modern age, make your logo also in modern style. You can add some details there that reflects your brand, but don’t put too much details. More details in your logo will block some part of your content and will looks too busy. You can make your logo using 1 shape, or may be combine 2 shapes. But do not try to combine more than 3 shapes because this will leads you create a real busy logo that destroys the elegance of your photography brand.

vintage photography logo
Example of detailed logo

Don’t Use real images:

Do not try to use real images in your logo, this will create a block and will hide your images/videos. You can create an outline of the object that you want to use in your logo like we have made a collection here, but don’t use real images .I am attaching an example so that you can better understand about what I am talking about.

Real Images Logo
bear  Photography Logo
Object Outline Logo

Don’t Crowdsource your designs:

The most important thing about your photo logo that it should be unique, and you are the only one using this logo. So don’t crowd source your design, or don’t try to get it from on a cheap rates. Because if someone is selling it in a cheap price they most probably using some premade templates. They can sell 1 design to multiple people without caring the trademark and copyright issues. So hire an agency who is specialized in your industry.

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