abstract photography logo

How to make a logo with photo icon?

abstract photography logo

Your photographs are unique and beautiful, you need a logo with photo icon that represents your photography brand. Here is a step by step guide that helps you create your own logo with a photo icon creatively incorporated with your name and that eventually reflects your photography brand. As we have created more than 2000+ photography logos in our branding agency, so we have divided this guide into 3 simple steps:

Choose Writing Style:

Choose what style of writing you want inn your logo. There are 2 main styles of writing style that most of the photographers uses. Signature Style writing, Modern Style writing. If you want to see the difference between both styles that here is our detailed article about signature vs modern style writing, you can see both styles and then decide which style of writing you want for your photo logo.

modern signature photography logo
Modern Vs Signature

Choose Photo or Camera Icon:

You can incorporate any generic camera icon in your photo logo or you can make it more specific camera model that you are using. I am attaching both logos for your inspiration. Many photographers make it with generic shape of camera outline, but some of them uses the camera models that they are using or they may be known for that type of camera in their local network. So it’s your choice what you want.

photography logo
Specific Camera Model
abstract photography logo
General Camera Model

Reflect Photography Niche:

It’s time to decide whether you want to reflect your photography niche in your photo logo or not. So ask your self, what type of photography you do or you want to do. Photography niches like:

  1. Wedding Photography
  2. Maternity Photography
  3. Newborn Photography
  4. Landscape Photography
  5. Mountain Photography
  6. Outdoor Photography
  7. Underwater Photography
  8. Boudoir Photography
  9. Events Photography
  10. Photobooth Photography
  11. Automotive Photography
  12. Drone Aerial Photography
  13. Sports Photography
  14. Wildlife Photography
  15. Macro Photography
  16. Pets Photography
  17. Real Estate Photography
  18. Skyline Photography
  19. Video Film Photography
  20. Product Photography

You can creatively incorporate a minimalist version of this shape in your logo so that it reflect the type your photography you do. I am showing you some of the examples of how niche photography logos could look like so you can some creative ideas.

real estate photography logo
Real Estate Photography
Newborn Photography

That’s it! You just create a unique logo with photo icon for your photography business.

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