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Welcome to our Minimalist Logo Design service! We specialize in crafting clean, impactful logos that capture the essence of your brand. Our pricing is transparent and affordable, ensuring you get top-quality design without breaking the bank. 

We are offering 3 packages.

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A Minimalist Logo?

A minimalist style iconic logo is a simple and clean design that resembles the essence of your brand in a small icon. It represent a brand story or shows what the company does. It focuses on simplicity, often using only essential elements to convey the brand’s identity effectively.


  • 2 Logo Options
  • High Resolution Transparent files
  • JPG Files
  • 3 Free Revisions


A minimalist logo is the name of the style in which we use minimalistic approach to create a brand icon/logo that resembles the meaning of the brand and shows what the company does. In this style, we uses 2-3 different shapes that best reflects your brand and we try to blend them together in a creative way so that it can create a memory of the brand in our brain.

We are offering 3 packages with different number logo options in each. It means we will design 2-4 designs concepts (depending on the package you select) so that you can choose the best one for you. Delivery will contain one logo with all files, these are just options or different ideas for you to explore and finalize one of them that you most like.

Revisions means small changes like font change, color change, layout change, small tweaks on the icon etc. You can request these changes to make the design looking perfectly as you want. Revision just does not means a completely new design in each round of revision.

Vector File is fully scalable logo file, that you can use scaling/resizing your logo up/down resolution without loosing it’s quality.

Yes! As we have claimed that we have already worked with 2000+ photographers, so we have a lot branding material listed on our website gallery page. For daily updates, you can also follow our Instagram page: @be.photoposh. Be our follower and get inspired your self with our creative work.

Yes! That’s sounds great, I will convert your real signature into digital format and will clean it and use it with my logo.

Other Products

Full Branding Kit Package


"Best for those who want a kick start for their branding."


Custom Logo Animation

Logo animation is an animated form of  logo which reveals your logo in a creative dynamic way. Animated logos are a great way to deliver your brand story. 

You can use this animation as intro or outro of your videos, on social media, website, watermark onto your videos etc. Here are the deliverables included:

  1. 4k mp4 preview with music sync.
  2. Transparent .mov file.
  3. Editable adobe illustrator file.

"Your Should have your logo ready to create its animation"'

Reviews Highlight

signature logo

Great experience, very attentive and listening my needs. I asked for some changes and they did it without any hesitation.


fish photography logo

OMG! I didn't think it turned out that great! I can't hold to use it for my branding, will order more.


signature logo

Nailed it! I presented my own idea and they did it exactly what I envisioned! Will recommend others.

Shawn Wisper

custom letter b butterfly signature logo

Very creative! That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful logo!

Lora Jersy

action sports photography logo

Very creative! That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful logo!


Beautifully done! clear and fast communication, fast turn around time and the best designer team I have ever worked! Thank you so much! I recommend them more!


signature logo

I want my logo to reflect what I do and they make it happen. If you are looking to make the logo like the was you want then don't waste time, give them a try!