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20 Clever Photography Logo Ideas [That Best Reflects Your Brand]

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You are capturing the beauty of your journey. Your photos are unique and you need a unique photography logo that best reflects your brand. Today is a special day because we are excited to showcase some of the outstanding photography logo ideas that our artists have created for our clients. These clever photography logos are designed to add emotion to your photography brand. I salute you, tighten your belts, and get ready to be inspired.

The following are 20 photography logo ideas for each niche:

  1. Wedding Photography
  2. Maternity Photography
  3. Newborn Photography
  4. Landscape Photography
  5. Mountain Photography
  6. Outdoor Photography
  7. Underwater Photography
  8. Boudoir Photography
  9. Events Photography
  10. Photobooth Photography
  11. Automotive Photography
  12. Drone Aerial Photography
  13. Sports Photography
  14. Wildlife Photography
  15. Macro Photography
  16. Pets Photography
  17. Real Estate Photography
  18. Skyline Photography
  19. Video Film Photography
  20. Product Photography
photography logo for  wedding photography
Wedding Photography Logo: Elegant + Hand Drawn Boho Style

Logo Idea:

This business is called Robin Wedz. A romantic outline of a couple kissing is combined with a camera shutter to create a blend of handwritten and elegant. There is also the challenge that the logo needs to reflect the wedding brand in some way. This logo is not just a design, but a challenge for our artist. Visit Artist

2. Maternity Photography Logo:

maternity photography logo
Maternity Photography Logo: Signature + Line Art Style

Logo Idea:

Tiny Toddlers – A maternity photography business. A line art outline of a pregnant woman is combined with a heart to create a unique lovely logo. The writing is in signature style having a camera shutter incorporated in the placement of the letter O. This logo is also used as watermark onto photos, videos, and social media posts. Visit Artist

3. Newborn Photography Logo:

Newborn photography logo
Newborn Baby Photography Logo: Signature Boho Style

Logo Idea:

Lovely Day is a newborn photography business. Her logo is as much lovely and beautiful as she is. Artist created a creativel camera outline combined with a newborn baby face that works as a lens of the camera. It’s clients requirements that the logo should reflect boho them somehow in the logo that where the florals comes in the logo design. Visit Artist

4. LandscapePhotography Logo:

landscape photography logo
Landscape Photography Logo: Signature + Hand Drawn Style

Logo Idea:

A hand-drawn silhouette of mountains along with forest trees and as the name suggests “Country Road”. So the artist feels that the logo should reflect the name of the brand. That’s why a road is incorporated in the logo that is going into the mountains. Visit Artist

5. Mountain Photography Logo:

mountain photography logo
Mountain Photography Logo: Signature + Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

Philipp is a mountain hiker and he shoots photos of the peaks of the mountains. So the artist shows mind-blowing creativity in this logo. Having a person hiking to the top of mountains and a unique camera incorporated with the signature of the name is really a great idea. A very compact and unique logo that reflects its brand of Phillip. More power to this artist. Visit Artist

6. Outdoor Photography Logo:

outdoor photography logo
Outdoor Photography Logo: Signature + Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

Idea behind in this logo is that logo should reflect the outdoor photography brand somehow. Being a professional art director we think it’s far more creative than we can think of. A very compact icon, that is representing waa ter, mountains, camera, shutter as a sun. The hole thing looks dope and creative. Visit Artist

7. Underwater Photography Logo:

underwater photography logo
Underwater Photography Logo: Signature + Minimalist Hand Drawn Style

Logo Idea:

This logo is for professional divers who uses full body suits, oxygen cylinder, masa ks. And special underwater photography camera. These divers go into deeper the ocean and shoot unique creatures that lived underwater. A unique silhouette of the diver’s face and a camera shutter creatively incorporate within the placement of the oxygen mask. Visit Artist

8. Boudoir Photography Logo:

boudoir photography logo
Boudoir Photography Logo: Signature + Line Art Style

Logo Idea:

A unique online of a sexy girl laying down with her leg in the air along with a creative style outline of a camera. This is an illustrative style logo that best fits for using logos, watermarks, printing, and social media uses. Visit Artist

9. Events Photography Logo:

events photography logo
Events Photography Logo: Signature style

Logo Idea:

The whole idea behind this logo is to draw something best reflects the events, parties, birthdays, and weddings photography brand. Visit Artist

10. Photobooth Photography Logo:

360 photobooth logo
360 Photobooth Logo: Signature + Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

The idea here is really simple, the client is looking for something that depicts what he does. He is running a 360 photobooth business. So incorporating something that depicts a 360 photo booth machine is a challenge for the artist. But let’s appreciate this artist He did a great job! Visit Artist

11. Automotive Photography Logo:

automotive photography logo

Logo Idea:

A unique car outline to reflect the automotive industry. And a tire is used inside the word “SHOTS”. For more work: Visit Artist

12. Drone Aerial Photography Logo:

drone aerial photography logo
Drone Aerial Photography Logo: Strong Modern Style

Logo Idea:

A very strong modern bold logo for drone aerial photography business. A very unique flying/sports drone incorporate within the name of the brand. For more work: Visit Artist

14. Sports Photography Logo:

sports photography logo
Sports Photography Logo: Signature Style

Logo Idea:

A Very creative idea behind this logo is to showcase a special sport photography. Visit Artist

15. Wildlife Photography Logo:

wildlife photography logo
Wildlife Photography Logo: Signature Minimalist illustrative Style

Logo Idea:

Wild life photography logo has an Antler horn along with forest trees and a subtle camera inside the horns that represent wildlife photography. Visit Artist

16. Macro Photography Logo:

macro insects photography logo
Macro Photography Logo: Signature + Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

A macro lens captures the photos of a macro insect. This reflects a very special photography niche called: Macro Photography. Macro Photographers know all about the special lens used to capture the details of mini creatures that lived in nature. Visit Artist

17. Pets Photography Logo:

dog cat photography logo
Dog Pets Photography Logo: Signature + Line art style

Logo Idea:

Little outline of a dog and a cat. Cat tail making the lens of the camera. This logo is for pets photographer who does a professional photoshoots of pets, especially dogs and cats. Visit Artist

17. Real-Estate Photography Logo:

real estate photography logo
Real-Estate Photography Logo: Signature + Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

A media production logo. Visit Artist

18. Skyline Photography Logo:

skyline photography logo
Skyline Photography Logo: Signature + Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

This photographer specialized in taking photos of skylines. Especially in LA and NYC. Logo incorporates a branding shape withing the shape of camera in a minimalist and creative way. For more work: Visit Artist

19. Video Film Photography Logo:

videography logo
Film Videography Logo: Modern Minimalist Style

Logo Idea:

Film and Videography logo design for a multimedia company. Visit Artist: Visit Artist

20. Product Photography Logo:

product photography logo
Product Photography Logo: Modern Illustrative Style

Logo Idea:

This is for a freelance product photographer. Who provide his services to e-commerce stores especially shoes and sneakers to photograph their products professionally. Logo depicts the product photography well. Visit Artist

Heads up! Do you think what you have just done?

You have just explored the most creative photography logo ideas that exist in the world. Now we can believe, you have a ton of logo ideas running through the veins of your mind. We have also provided links to the original artists on each logo design so you can explore their other work as well as hire them directly on their site as well as through our platform: Which is a world-leading branding agency for photographers.

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