photography logo design

How to design a professional photography logo? [step-by-step]

photography logo design
photography logo design

Posting your photographs without having a professional photography logo/watermark is like crazy, like you are literally not caring about your work. You are really missing an opportunity of building your own photography brand.

Alish – Brand Manager

This guide will help you how you can design a professional photography logo for your photography business. We have already designed 2000+ photographers all around the world with different niches of photography. So this guide is from an industry expert who knows the pain points of a photographer and may already have a solution for it.

Follow these steps to design a unique, elegant photography logo:

Choose Professional Logo Name:

Select your logo name wisely. Don’t rush, take your time in deciding your brand name. It could be a combination of first name and last name and then “PHOTOGRAPHY” as slogan under the name. Or you could use a brand name for your photography business, your name initials with some extended brand name that suggests what type of photography you do. Or it may be a mixture of your name and brand name. So possibilities are endless. Again take your time and choose the best name for your business.

Name is very crucial and will drive your whole brand, so it should have a story behind. Creative brand name will help you design a professional photography logo. You can use free online name generator websites for name ideas. Below is an example of some photography name ideas.

Landscape Outdoor Photography Logo
First and last name
Drone Aerial Photography Logo
brand name
pets photography logo
Initials And Brand Name
Wedding Photography Logo
Mixture Of Name And Brand

Choose Photography Logo Style:

Once your logo name is ready then it’s time to decide which style of logo you want. Like there are 2 style of logos, “Signature Style Logos”, “Modern Style Logos” you can check some examples, explore them with your friends or family and decide which style best fits with your personality or your photography work.

photography signature logo
Signature Style Examples
photography minimalist logo
Modern Style Examples

Getting inspiration from other photography logos will help you create a creative photography logo for your brand, so click on the below buttons to explore both modern style and signature style photography logos.

Brain Storm Logo Idea And Find Your Logo Inspiration:

Now you know the style of logo you want. And you have seen many photography logos in the above links provided, now you have a ton of ideas comming into your mind. It’s time to brain storm the shape and icons that you want to incorporate in your logo. So to do that, just ask your self these questions:

  1. What’s your photography niche?
  2. Do you do newborn photography? or any other specific niche photography?
  3. Do you want to incorporate any specific type of camera in your logo?
  4. Do you just want to incorporate camera in your logo? or also want to incorporate some other shapes like, mountains, flowers, car etc.?

If you still didn’t visit the above links, you are missing a lot of ideas. Go and visit them, this will help you imagine of how a professional photography logo look like.

Draw Your Logo:

Now the next step is draw your logo, you can use photoshop, adobe illustrator, or any other free graphic design tool like: Photopae to draw your logo. If you feel that you are not good at drawing then you can hire someone else to draw your logo. Check your network, search if one of your friends is doing this design work. Tell him/her your logo idea and ask him to draw it for you. But if you get stuck at drawing phase which is most difficult phase to draw the exact concept as exactly as you are having it in your mind. Find some professional expert logo designer and let them draw your logo professionally.

As I mentioned earlier that drawing the logo is very difficult phase of logo creation especially if you are not a designer. I would recommend to check out our brand, We are a world leading branding agency for photographers. We will help you create your logo, complete branding, website creation etc. We can start with your logo.

photography logo | photoposh

Colors Scheme:

Choose your colors scheme, think about your photography theme and niche once again and decide which colors best fits with your photography. Like I have said earlier, We have worked with more than 2000 photographers all around the world, we created their logos, branding kits, social branding, websites etc., 60% of them prefer to use neutral colors, like Black, white, Silver Metal, Gold Metal. But you can explore other colors as well and see which one works best for you.

Hurray, you now know how you can design your photography logo:

That’s it, if you follow all the above steps you will end up with a really cool logo. If you feel that you don’t have that much time to do all the steps, or you feel not enough creative to come up with a creative idea then you can hire our services.

We are running a creative branding agency for photographers, you can check out our website, you will get a lot of branding inspiration for each photography niche. Explore it and start your discussion with us.

Create Logo First Pay Latter!

Create Your Photography Logo with our AI Logo maker. Explore different ideas that best fits your photography niche, customize the design as according to your choice, change colors, fonts, sizes etc. And purchase only when you feel that you are 100% satisfied.

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