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Budget-Friendly Logo Design Service for Your Business

fast rabbit logistic company logo
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Are you thinking about starting a business, such as photography, carpet cleaning, or any other hobby you want to turn into a business while keeping costs low? You’re in the right place! As soon as you consider starting your business, you’ll need some cash, and the first thing you need is a cheap logo design. Yes! You heard it right; you need a logo that reflects your business, stays in people’s minds, and whenever they see your logo, your business pops up in their minds.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on logo design. You can get a professional logo designed for as low as $39.9-$149.9 from a good professional agency. Below are some examples; all these logos are created within this price range, professional, reflecting the brand’s identity, and easy to remember.

You can design your logo yourself or hire an agency. Just make sure your logo design has these three characteristics:

  1. Meaningful: A good logo has a purpose.
  2. Modern Design: Follows current design trends.
  3. Reflective: Represents what the business does.

All these logos possess these three features, and they are created by our agency,, at affordable prices. Our logo pricing is cheap, but we never compromise on quality.

Want to see more logo examples? Here are 20 more logo designs that will make your jaw drop.

To create a great logo, follow these steps, whether you design it yourself or hire someone:

  1. Understand the business, know what product or service it offers.
  2. Brainstorm different ideas, noting down all possibilities for a positive brand image.
  3. Sketch rough ideas on paper, creating 8-10 sketches and variations.
  4. Merge ideas from sketches, draw the final design in a design tool.
  5. Apply a color scheme, create 2-4 logo options for you to choose the best.
  6. Ensure they provide you with the option to make changes because you might want modifications in the logo.

That’s it! You can either hire someone or you can make your logo on your own, make sure you follow all these steps to create your logo professionally. If you have decided that you want to design your logo on your own then I recommend to read these do’s and don’ts of making a logo design.

You can avail this service from us, as we offer three different packages starting from $39.9 to $149.9. With this affordable price, you can get a professional logo with all these characteristics.

Check our all the packages in detail and explore what’s included in each package.

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