wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tips From Experienced Photographer

wedding photography tips

Welcome to this insightful article that aims to help you establish a sophisticated wedding photography brand. In this post, we’ll delve into essential wedding photography tips while also discussing trending branding ideas. As you read along, remember that I’m Alish, a professional with over 2000 successful branding projects, predominantly with wedding photographers. Joining me in creating this article is my friend Jimy, a seasoned wedding photographer, to offer firsthand insights.

Exploring the Essence of Wedding Photography:

Before we dive into the valuable wedding photography tips, let’s take a moment to understand the heart of this art. This understanding will lay a strong foundation for comprehending why these tips are vital in the wedding photography context.

A Little Insight into Wedding Photography:

Wedding photography is when you capture awesome memories of couples on their big day – their wedding. You probably knew that already! But, what’s key here is that it’s not just another photo session. It’s about getting the heart of weddings, where many people are involved – the bride, groom, their families, friends, and more. You’ll mainly focus on the couple, but there’s a lot to handle when there are lots of people, poses, and making the bride comfy for great shots. Remember, you’re not just there to take pictures; you’re there to cover the event, treat guests nicely, and make lasting memories. I know your business is about earning money and being successful. Following these wedding photography tips will help you do just that. Let’s dive in!

wedding photography tips

Tip 1: Gear Up for Success

The first and foremost in general photography tip is, having the right equipment. Its essential for projecting professionalism and capturing high-quality images that reflect your brand. To ensure a polished appearance, consider the following equipment:

  1. Camera: A good DSLR camera that takes clear shots in 4K.
  2. Lenses: Different lenses for different types of shots. Think wide-angle and zoom lenses.
  3. Extras: Stuff like stabilizers, extra batteries, chargers, and storage.
  4. Safety: Don’t forget bags to protect your gear.

Tip 2: Getting Ready for the Shoot

You need to prepare yourself along with your equipment and your mind, because wedding functions are unpredictable and often stressful. You’ll have to manage a large number of guests, answer various queries, and stay focused on your target to create a great collection of shots – it’s quite a challenge. So, you must be prepared. You can handle this easily if you’re a problem solver, someone who can handle unexpected situations. This means you need to be mentally strong and capable of dealing with any situation in a friendly manner.

Before the shoot, make sure to test your equipment. Charge your batteries, including extras for backups. Check how long the shoot will last and estimate how many pictures you’ll take. Based on that, arrange for enough storage and ensure you have sufficient batteries and power to avoid any shortages.

Tip 3: Nailing the Main Focus

In weddings, there are many people present aside from the bride and groom, including family members, friends, and other guests. While everyone wants their photos taken, and portraits of themselves are a common desire, time is limited. Your focus should primarily be on the bride and groom, along with their family members and friends. Typically, there are two or more photographers at weddings, so plan accordingly. The key is to find guidance, whether from someone you’ve hired or a close family member who can guide you throughout the event. This doesn’t mean you should relinquish control; you should lead the poses and capture the essence of the couple. But Guidance is crucial to concentrate on the main participants, rather than getting too engrossed in distant relatives.

Prior to the shoot, knowing the location is vital. Understand not only the place but also the time of the shoot – whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or night. Be aware of the weather conditions on the shoot day – whether it’ll be hot, cold, rainy, or otherwise. Making these decisions in advance will help you prepare and relax your mind, as you’ll be well-prepared for whatever comes your way.

Tip 4: Creating a shooting to-do list:

On the wedding day, there will be many people around, and it might feel like chaos in your mind. Time will pass swiftly, akin to a bullet train. In such a stressful atmosphere, your creativity might slow down, which is a common experience. So, before the shoot, you’ll need to prepare a to-do list. Create a list that includes all the poses and types of shots you plan to take on the wedding day. It’s not necessary to capture every single shot mentioned on the list; it’s more of a reference. During the wedding, you’ll make real-time decisions about when and which types of shots to capture. However, having at least one list is really important.

Tip 5: Know Your Venue and Timing

Knowing the shoot location before the shoot is very important for you. Not only the location, but also the time of the shoot – whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or at night. Along with time, consider the weather conditions on the shoot day – whether it’ll be hot, cold, rainy, or what the weather will be like. Making these decisions will help you prepare, stay relaxed, and put your mind at ease, as you’ll know everything in advance.

Tip 6: Present yourself as a brand

On the day of the wedding, where you are a wonder, all those people are a moving business opportunity for you. Because in everyone’s life, there’s a chance for weddings, and in every family, there’s bound to be a wedding sooner or later. So, for you, this is a business opportunity to showcase yourself as a brand. Whoever sees you, your brand should be imprinted in their minds and remembered. And the first thing in showing yourself as a brand is a logo. Your logo is what people will remember for a long time. In the list of other things I’m providing to help you showcase your brand, the most important thing is your logo.

Pausing here, I’d like to share with you some top wedding photography logos from our branding agency,, designed specifically for wedding photographers.

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A logo is essential, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. If you already have a logo, ensure it aligns with today’s design trends – it should be sleek, modern, and professional. Avoid using just your name in a random font or a generic icon that countless photographers use. Your logo should be distinctive. Because your logo is the picture of your brand.

After your logo, there are several things that will help you present yourself as a brand. While not all are necessary when you start your journey in wedding photography, initially, only the logo is crucial. You’ll use the logo as a watermark and in video intros and outros. However, as your budget allows, you can gradually build up the other aspects.

List of Things You Need to Build a Wedding Photography Brand:

  1. Logo (Find Your Inspiration)
  2. Social Media Kit
  3. Branding Kit
  4. Website
  5. Stationery Items

Tip 7: Invest in Photobooth

You should also consider investing in photobooth machines alongside your wedding photography. Not only can this generate extra income, but it also offers an exciting element where people can capture fun and creative pictures. 360 photobooths, prop booths, and mirror booths are examples of machines currently trending in the photography industry. Among these, 360 photobooths are particularly popular. You don’t need to do much—just 1 or 2 photobooth machines, a lighting setup, and a logo are required. Now, you can start offering photobooth services alongside your photography. I’m mentioning photobooths here because my friend Jimmy, who has been assisting me in writing this article, expanded his photography business by providing photobooth services. These machines are related to your field and can help you generate passive income.

Photobooth Photography Logo Collection
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