camera lens logo ideas

18+ Camera Lens Logo Ideas

camera lens logo ideas

We are going to present creative camera lens logo ideas that will inspire you to think about your photography logo. A camera lens is a general shape that every photographer want to use as their brand mark. But a general lens logo could lead a photographer to end up with a very generic, non original brand mark. Like imagine, you might start using a logo that hundreds of photographers are already using because a lens have a particular shape.

But you don’t need to worry about it because we are going to show you some creative ways of how you can make the lens logo more unique and original. Meaning you are the only one using this logo in the world.

2 ways you can design a unique lens logo:

1. Your name initials:

You can incorporate camera lens + your name initials. Like imagine your name is: Austin Brook. So you can create a unique icon with letter A or may be with both letters AB and then creatively incorporate camera lens or shutter in your initials. This will let you make a creative, unique lens logo. I am attaching some of the examples, so that you can get inspiration of how it could look.

2. Incorporate Shape that reflects your photography niche:

You can also try to incorporate a branding shape in the camera lens. Suppose you do newborn photography, so you can try to incorporate baby face inside the camera lens. Or if you do landscape photography, you can incorporate mountains inside the camera lens. You may be doing any kind of photography, you can find a unique shape that reflects your photography niche and then incorporate it inside your lens logo. This will also let you create a really unique photography logo that best reflects your brand as well as photography niche.

Below are some of the examples of creative camera lens logos for your inspiration:

Camera Lens Logo Ideas:

If you want to edit any of the above logos, you can do that using our photography logo maker. You can edit them, write your own brand name, change colors and also purchase it directly from the tool.

I hope after reading this article, you will have a ton of ideas of your camera lens logo. If you still feel that you are not creative person, you can check out our website: Photoposh. We are running a branding agency for photographers. You can start your chat for free design consultation.

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